Science & PSI YouTube Videos

Here is a wonderful resource for research articles Library of Exploratory Science

Lexscien : Library of Exploratory Science

Suggestive social media for interviews and lecture

 New Thinking Allowed with Jeffrey MishloveNew Thinking Allowed with Jeffrey Mishlove – YouTube
The Parapsychology AssociationParapsychological Association – YouTube
 The Institute of Noetic Science Institute of Noetic Sciences – YouTube
Chasing ConsciousnessChasing Consciousness Podcast – YouTube
Essentia FoundationEssentia Foundation – YouTube

Society for Scientific Exploration
Society for Scientific Exploration – YouTube
Parapsychology FoundationParapsychology Foundation – YouTube

University of Virginia Perceptual Studies
UVA Division of Perceptual Studies – YouTube

Public Parapsychology Public Parapsychology – YouTube

The Institute of Art and Ideas
The Institute of Art and Ideas – YouTube
The Science of Consciousness TSC conferences The Institute of Art and Ideas – YouTube
Skeptico skeptiko – YouTube

 Forbidden Histories 
Forbidden Histories – YouTube