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As the founder of Science and Psi, I think it is important that everyone get the opportunity to learn a little about who I am and the origins of my desire to advocate. I have a background in Mental Health services and social work, and I am a civil rights activist. I come from the Pacific Northwest where I was raised by a single mother. Through her experience, she has instilled in me the power of kindness, knowledge, passion, and acceptance of diversity. Teaching me to embrace my Mexican and Irish heritage. She was an amazing and interesting individual whose worldview consisted of “modern woman meets Eastern philosophy” and esoteric practices of witchcraft and psychic development.

While I, myself, remain an atheistic witch, she has allowed me to find beauty in all spiritual and peaceful practices; and to see the cultural interpretations of a very natural phenomenon, not yet fully understood by science. Finally, having been taught to recognize the presence of Psi throughout all cultures and from all ethnic groups, I was encouraged to pursue and challenge the various perspectives and systems that surround us; and never accept anything at face value.

Through such a unique upbringing, my own Psi abilities were normalized instead of seen as exceptional. This is due to the fact that Psi ability was also so prevalent throughout my extended family, stemming back to the three generations before me. It wasn’t until I was 8 that I knew something was odd. I remember being in the hospital and telling my aunt that my mom was going to have twins, a boy, and a girl. This information stunned the ultrasound technician as it was confirmed. It didn’t help matters when my mom told her I had this prediction even before she knew she was pregnant.

It was then that I knew I made some people uncomfortable. As time went on and I struggled with the awkwardness of my abilities in social situations, I almost felt forced to hide a gift so entwined in how I perceive the world. While I understand that if one wants to fit in, conformity is key, however, I refuse to hide any bit of who I am, and if others have a problem with that, that is simply on them.

Throughout my teen years, I took my passion for knowledge and attempts to understand myself into the tantalizing worlds of science, psychology, and Psi research. Fast forward many years later, and I finally got to meet the very researcher responsible for teaching me how to look at Psi through the lens of science. I am now currently participating in Psi research at These last few years in particular have been a major stepping stone on my journey and conquest to continue seeking answers while getting others to understand exactly what Psi is truly about.

The truth of the matter is, that I believe (albeit more so than others,) that everybody possesses these abilities. I choose to participate in research, as opposed to doing private readings, because I live by the philosophy that science can reveal objective truths that we all can benefit from. I feel that it is important to seek out professional assistance that best fits a specific area. For example, If you are struggling in love, contact a couple’s therapist; if you lost a loved one, please seek out a grief counselor.

According to statistics, psychics are not 100% accurate every time in the lab, which results in various types of misunderstandings and controversies. Just because the results may not be consistent every time, that does not disprove or invalidate the fact that there are legitimate parapsychological phenomena occurring. For example, I missed 3 out of 30 on a coin toss at ( which is about 1 in 111,989 chance.

Psychics are comprised of a wide variety of people, and every person is unique and may choose to express their abilities in various ways. Much like athletes, musicians, and painters psychics exercise their abilities for the enjoyment and love of it, it’s simply in their nature. Some choose to offer their services commercially and there’s no shame in doing so. However, there will unfortunately always be those people who present themselves to be psychics that are disingenuous, so I encourage people to use common sense and to utilize critical thinking skills when engaging in any service as there are frauds in other professions as well.

I personally am committed to exploring my abilities through participation in scientific research and study. It is my hope to contribute and support the psychic community in the best ways that I can and to contribute to creating a more healthy environment for the Psi community at large.

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