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Welcome to the “Participate In Psi” page, an exciting portal on Science and Psi that extends an open invitation to individuals eager to actively engage with the fascinating world of Psi research. Here, we provide you with the unique opportunity to not only delve into the enigmatic realms of telepathy, precognition, and psychokinesis but to also become an integral part of our vibrant and collaborative psi research community.

Your involvement matters – by participating in psi research projects, you’re contributing to the advancement of knowledge about these extraordinary phenomena. Join hands with fellow enthusiasts, scientists, and explorers as we collectively unravel the mysteries of the human mind and its untapped potential. Embrace the adventure and become a driving force in expanding our understanding of the uncharted territories of consciousness.

Ions Institute of Noetic Science testing abilities
Research Network for the Study of Esoteric Research
Ions Institute of Noetic Science                 online surveys/ sign up for research participation
 The International Remote Viewing Association   
Division of Perceptual Studies Participate as a Research Subject – Division of Perceptual Studies (
IONS Sigil Experiment & Rensep
* Only serious Candidates *
IMI Research Paris 
Online at Home psi task activities
Various Research Opportunities to participate in Meditation, Spiritual Emergence, and online surveys.
University of Edinburgh
Koestler Parapsychology

For those who want to get certified as a medium. Forever Family Foundation offers science-based examinations to assess your abilities for certification. This may ease your mind and those around you for the legitimacy of your experiences.