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Science and psi seek to promote an open and accepting environment for those who have or have had exceptional experiences. This can include but is not limited to, near-death experiences, mystical experiences after psychedelics, precognition, mind-to-mind interaction, and anomalies that can’t be explained through ordinary means. In a mixed cultural environment that lacks awareness or full understanding of psi individuals, one may feel isolated from being able to talk about their experiences openly, especially in a clinical setting. While it is rare for those who have these experiences to find them distressful, the mental health community should encompass these individuals’ cultural beliefs in a proper evaluation when seeking therapy for other issues that arise in one’s daily life.

The organizations below hold certified psychiatrists, mental health counselors, and psychologists who are trained in psychospiritual, and transpersonal psychology that can better facilitate and offer holistic therapy. Please seek The Parapsychological Association for further resources outside of the United States. 

The American Center for the Integration of Spiritual Transformative Experiences
(Support Groups & Counseling)

Integrative Mental Health University Certified Spiritual Emergence coach
(Certified Spiritual Emergent Coaches)

(Clairaudient – Hearing Voices support network)

Spiritual Emergence Network

Fireside Project
(Psychedelic Experiences & Support)

Emergent Phenomenology Research Consortium

Please check out the Emergent Phenomenology Research Consortium. This organization seeks to promote education for clinicians about spiritual experiences, as well as learning to appreciate these experiences and incorporate them in clinical diagnosis and management plans. Therefore, it would provide patients with more options for alternative therapy which may include mindfulness, meditations, and psychedelic intervention that will ultimately lead to more satisfying encounters with clinicians and patients.