These researchers have contributed to the expansion of our understanding of parapsychology. Please check out their articles, books, and lectures and for peer-reviewed articles check out Psi Encyclopedia.

Maintaining an open mind is essential when exploring the unknown, but allowing one’s brains to fall out in the process is inadvisable.  – Dean Radin

Dean Radin | Ph.D. PsychologyBiography
Charles T. Tart | Ph.D. PsychologyBiography
Larry Dossey  |  MD Biography
Rupert Sheldrake | Ph.D Biochemistry Biography
Edwin C. May | Ph.D. Nuclear PhysicsBiography | Books
Brian Josephson | Ph.D. Theoretical Physics  (Nobel Prize in Physics) Biography/Background
Russell Targ  | Ph.D. Physics Biography / Background
Harald Puthoff | Ph.D. Physics Biography / Background
Julia Mossbridge | Ph.D. Communication Sciences and DisordersBiography / Background
Marjorie Woollacott | Ph.D. NeuroscienceBiography/Background
Stephan A. Schwartz | Ph.D.Published Work | (Resume)